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Our Approach is different and special

Parents Guide

Your child will have the chance to be themselves in front of our cameras! We spend extra time with each child and invite them to do what they do best- just be themselves!

You might be wondering, "What should they wear?" We know that what they are photographed wearing can be really special and important, but we also want to invite you to join us in putting their personality into these images!

See below for other frequently asked questions!

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Do parents need to place their order before picture day?

One thing that is unique to Honey & Hive Photography is that we provide online galleries for parents to view before placing their order, so parents are only purchasing what they absolutely love with no need to prepay and order before Picture Day. And since we capture multiple poses for each student, there are plenty of options in their galleries to choose from!

What happens after picture day?

With Honey & Hive, you don’t need to preorder a single thing or turn in any paper order forms to your school. All you need to do is sit back and relax as we prepare your personalized gallery! We will check in after Picture Day to let you know when your child’s photos will be hitting your email inbox. Once you receive your images, you will have the chance to place your order online for both printed products and digital downloads.

Do you offer ID cards?

Yes! We are happy to provide custom designed ID badges for your staff and students upon request, as well as sticker sheets, online directories, printed class photos and digital images for internal use.

What is the cost of Picture Day for our school?

We offer Picture Day at no cost to the schools we serve. In fact, we return 10% of all Picture Day sales back to your school! We are honored that you would choose to partner with us- we know what a significant thing it is that you would welcome us into your building.

Do you provide digital images for internal use at our school?

Yes! We will provide your school with a “master gallery” containing one image for each student and staff member in the appropriate sizes for use in your internal student management database as well as for your yearbook. (And like all the things we love to give our schools, this is provided at no cost to you!)

With the limited time frame on Picture Day, how does your photography style fit?

Our photographers will spend less than one minute with each student, but they will spend every second of their time together capturing images and making your student feel like a celebrity. We keep the energy high and the stress level low for the kiddos we pull out all the stops to make sure they feel not only comfortable, but also seen and affirmed. And because we work efficiently, we are able to capture all the authentic expressions a parent could want in that short amount of time in order to honor your schedule!

We are a local business created by women on a mission to honor students and faculty/staff well by giving them an incredibly joyful Picture Day. Everything we do is built around our priority to provide you with customized, attentive service as well as artistic images that families will treasure. Because of that, we are able to bring out as many photographers as you need and work within your scheduling requirements to make sure the day serves you well!

Can you photograph our school's graduation?

This is a huge yes! We love to serve you throughout the year to capture events and celebrations that happen in the building! We offer photography services for these events, and are happy to make the photos available for parents as well.