We're Allison & Chelsea.

We are the owners of Honey & Hive Creatives. With a passion for capturing cherished moments and a deep love for the art of photography, Chelsea and Allison have 17 years of combined experience documenting the lives of families, students, events and professionals. Chelsea's journey as an artist spans over two decades, nurturing her creativity and allowing her to see the world through a unique lens. Allison grew up under the wing of a photographer mom, laying a foundation of creativity and skills that set her apart in the industry.

Chelsea and Allison are busy mommas, with four children each! As dedicated mothers, they understand the importance of preserving family memories. Both have an innate joy in working with families and children and have the ability to freeze precious moments in time and create lasting memories.

What's even more special is the collaboration between Chelsea and Allison, a partnership that feels as if they've known each other for a lifetime, despite their four-year friendship. Their shared passion for photography and a shared vision for Honey & Hive, have made their creative journey an inspiring and rewarding one.

When you entrust Honey & Hive with your photography needs, you're not just getting skilled photographers; you're inviting fellow artists into your world and someone who understands the profound significance of the moments they captures.

Check out those smiles!